Help for Survivors / Victims

Do you love the person that hurts you, but don’t want to end the relationship?

Have you left the relationship?

Are you still in the relationship and afraid to leave?

Is what s happening, or what has happened affecting you in many ways for example emotionally and / physically?

Would you like to understand what has happened to you?

It is not easy to believe that the person we love has the need to abuse us, after all they say we are the one they love!!!

What is all that about?

Why do we feel we are to blame?

What effect is it having on our children?

Why do we stay?

Two of our experienced professionally trained members of staff, who understand what you are going through have written and designed a programme to expand and support the services already offered.  Now in its 5th  successful year, this programme is open to anyone, especially those who are or have been in an abusive relationship.

In a confidential, safe, warm and friendly atmosphere you will be helped to understand what has happened to you in your relationship.  You will be encouraged and supported to take control of your own life, moving from co-dependency to independency.

You will be provided with the opportunity to develop different ways of thought and behaviour which, in turn, will help you protect yourself and your children, who will become happier, attain better in school and be free from harm.

By accepting this help you will develop and grow and positive change will occur which will not only enhance yours but also your family’s life.