Help for Perpetrators

Do you worry about “losing it”?

Do you worry about where your anger comes from?

Are your partner and children afraid of you?

Are you left feeling sorry and confused as to why this happens and do you need to understand?

Do you want to change?

Do you fear you will lose your relationship with your partner and children?


In a small friendly group setting a 36 week rolling programme, which expands the services already offered, has been especially written by two very experienced professionally trained members of staff, who understand what you are going through.  They facilitate in a non-judgemental manner rather than dictate.  Everyone is equal and treated with respect.

The project has been running over several years and its effectiveness is testified by the ongoing successful outcomes of many of those who have taken part.

The programme has been especially designed to challenge your unrealistic expectations of yourself and others.

The work focuses around creating a safe environment in which you will begin to feel safe enough to give yourself permission to raise important issues, regarding your own vulnerabilities within the group.

Part of the programme is to help ou develop non-abusive behaviour and apply what you have learnt to every day life issues.  Another important feature of the programme is to help you develop pragmatic skills e.g. communication, anger management, empathy, listening and respect of others.

You will be encouraged and supported whilst you begin to understand and change your own attitude and beliefs that may have lead to your abusive behaviour.

You will be challenged to take ownership of your responsibilities for your actions without justifying or minimising what you have done – so moving away from any excus’ism.

By the end of the programme you will have developed different ways of thought and behaviour which will enable you to protect yourself, your partner and your children from harm.  You will develop and grow as a person, giving yourself permission to move from your present situation to a positive fully functioning adult.