What We Do

West Cumbria Domestic Violence Support, a registered charity set up in 1997 and The Freedom Project comes under this umbrella. The Freedom Project has been especially designed to help people who have identified that they want to make changes in their lives and personal relationships.  We are the only Domestic Violence organisation of its kind in West Cumbria and provide practical, emotional help and support to survivors / victims and perpetrators of domestic abuse, their families and friends.  Our overarching aim is to break the repeat cycle of domestic abuse in all its forms, leading to permanent changes in the well-being of the people of West Cumbria. Left unaddressed domestic abuse can become self-perpetuating and can be passed on from one generation to another. Police report that incidence of domestic abuse in West Cumbria is 5% over the national average. It is therefore vital that we continue to work towards achieving permanent change through our key objectives of:

• Providing advice, information, guidance and one-to-one and peer group mentoring for victims of abuse enabling them to make long-term and lasting changes to their lives, so that they and their children can live free of the traumas of abuse, with improved self-esteem and self-confidence in their own worth and abilities.

• Working with children who are the victims and/or witnesses of abuse to help them understand that they are not to blame and to replace negative emotional and physical behaviours resulting from the trauma, with those that are healthy and positive and enhance their well-being.

• Educating and training other support agencies such as the police, schools, Children’s and Social Services, GP surgery staff etc. to identify domestic abuse at an early stage and understand appropriate responses.

• Raising awareness of the issue among the community as a whole, working to reduce the stigma which all too often attaches to domestic abuse so that too much of it still remains hidden and ignored because people are ashamed to speak about it and ask for help.

We achieve our aims through our:

  • Confidential Telephone Helpline.
  • Professional Individual Counselling.
  • Professional Weekly Support Group facilitated by qualified therapists & trainers.
  • 1-to-1 Volunteer Support.
  • Signposting for clients to access services from other relevant organisations, if appropriate.
  • Ongoing Training/presentations/workshops about the various issues that surround domestic abuse.
  • Provision of training workshops on relationships.
  • Awareness raising.
  • Provision of counselling training up to certificate level.

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